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We welcome all of our full-time undergraduate students to apply for our on-campus housing. The University of San Diego believes in the benefit of the on-campus experience so much that it is a required opportunity for first and second-year students. In partnership with other university departments, we continually enhance our facilities, services, and programs to provide a safe, inclusive living community, and to create learning opportunities that support the holistic growth of each resident.

On-Campus Housing Benefits:

  • Accessibility to campus. If you live on-campus, you can easily walk to classes, the library, computer labs, dining centers, etc.
  • Increased involvement in student life. Living on-campus will allow you to meet more individuals and establish more friendships. You will also be aware of any campus activities and how to get involved.
  • Student Success. Living on campus offers all the conveniences of independent living coupled with valuable support, learning, and safety structures to facilitate student success.
  • Personal Support. Residence life professional and student staff live among the students in the residence communities and are available to assist 24-hours a day.

Information about applications, housing options, the on-campus requirement, and our Living Learning Communities are available on our website: sandiego.edu/residentiallife