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Welcome to the University of San Diego’s resource landing page for DACA/Undocumented students. This page serves as a starting place for information, guidance, and support for future and current DACAmented and Undocumented USD students. You will find names and contact information for various campus partners and allies. You will also find links to resources, which we believe will provide answers to common questions and concerns surrounding DACA/undocumented students. We hope that you find these links and resources helpful. Please let us know if there is any information you would like us to include in the future.

Links to USD Offices Located to the left of this page are links to various USD offices and departments. The link will take you to a page that will explain the resources and support each office provides DACA/Undocumented students.

Links to Campus Partners and USD Allies­ Located on the right of the page, you will find a list of campus partners and allies along with their contact information. These individuals serve as a resource that can provide assistance and answer general questions and concerns, or connect you to someone in the best position to help. When you reach out to these allies and partners, please let them know that you found their name on the DACA/Undocumented Student Resource page.

DACAlliance is a student organization with the goal of providing support to students who identify as DACAmented and undocumented.

Other Resources - National Dialogue on Immigration This links you to a USD website that includes a statement regarding the University's commitment to serving undocumented and DACAmented students as well as on- and off-campus resources including legal resources.


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Support Network Coordinators:
DACAlliance Student Organization
Presidential Task Force on Immigration
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