University Senate Statement

The University Senate met on December 8, 2016 and considered resolutions that reflect potential or existential threats to members of our university community. The Senate acted in the spirit that our community should be protective of all our members: those who hold positions supporting either winners or losers in November's election, those whose immigration status is questioned or questionable, those whose nationality, religion, other ethnic affiliation or gender identity might be challenged. It was in that spirit that the Senate passed the following two resolutions:

  • The University Senate recognizes that the presidential election last month created strong feelings for adherents of both major parties. While political discourse and debate is always encouraged at a university, we ask both faculty and students to show courtesy to all members of the community regardless of their political beliefs.
  • The University Senate embraces the principles of sanctuary and therefore urges the administration to continue its policy of non-cooperation with any agencies inquiring about or investigating the immigration status of our students and employees without a subpoena, warrant, legal mandate, or other exigent legal circumstances. The Senate also urges the administration to refrain from cooperating with any entity on the surveillance of students or employees without an appropriate court-ordered search warrant. The university community should be protected not only by federal legislation but by an ethic of caring for our own members.