Wedding Music at the Immaculata

Music plays an important role in Catholic Liturgy, and this is especially true for the wedding ceremony. For this reason, The Immaculata offers first-rate liturgical music services year-round. The following should be kept in mind when planning the music for your wedding ceremony:

It is recommended that you arrange the music for your wedding with The Immaculata's staff musicians. The Immaculata employs several very fine musicians who are experienced in their role as liturgical musicians, and familiar with the logistical details of wedding ceremonies at the Immaculata.

  • The contact person for wedding music at the Immaculata is our Organist, Leslie Gereghty. She can be reached at lgereghty@sandiego.eduIt is recommended that you to contact her 4-6 months prior to your wedding date in order to reserve Immaculata Musicians.
  • Please note that the cost of music is not included in the fee paid to The Immaculata for use of the church. The Immaculata's musicians are trained professionals and are available at reasonable and competitive rates (typical total cost for wedding musicians is $300-$450). 
  • If you wish to hire musicians from another parish, they will be required to provide a letter from their parish as verification that they are actively engaged as liturgical musicians. Additionally, guest musicians are required to provide their own equipment, including a sound system (if needed), microphones and microphone stands, etc. The Immaculata's organ is reserved only for use by The Immaculata's organist.
  • To hear music samples recorded by Immaculata Musicians, please click here

  • To view the Diocesan Wedding Music guidelines, please click here

Please contact Leslie Gereghty at for further information.