Strategic Initiative Funding: Process

Step 1 – IDEA

Individuals or teams with an idea that advances USD's Envisioning 2024 Strategic Plan Goals should consider submitting a Pre-Proposal. The purpose of the fund is to jump-start, but not permanently fund, initiatives for at most two years. The maximum award amount is $100,000 for an approved full proposal with supporting budget. USD students, faculty, staff, and administrators are eligible. Students should have the support of a faculty member, while faculty, staff, and administrators should have the support of their Dean or Vice President.

The initiative should be an innovative approach of attending to a problem or opportunity that supports USD’s strategic goals and pathways. The initiative should span across multiple units on campus or extend out into the community. Preview the PDF version of the pre-proposal to see the information that will be needed for pre-proposal submission.


When ready to submit your pre-proposal use the Qualtrics online Pre-Proposal link. A Strategic Goal Committee (SGC) will review the pre-proposal using a set of criteria and provide feedback. When a pre-proposal is accepted, it moves to the next step, otherwise the proposer will be notified of the criteria that were not met and advised if a variation of the proposal should be submitted for the next cycle.

Link to Qualtrics Pre-Proposal Form

Please preview the form as a PDF prior to completing online.


After you have been notified by a Strategic Goal Committee that your pre-proposal has been accepted, you will be directed to submit the full proposal form using a special link provided by the committee. Please preview the PDF of the full proposal form to see the information that will be needed.


The Strategic Initiative Review Council (SIRC) reviews the full proposals and budgets using the strategic initiative scoring rubric and recommends which proposals to fund to the Strategic Planning Steering Committee (SPSC). The SPSC reviews full proposals, budgets and rubric scorings prior to recommending to the Strategic Leadership Team which proposals to fund. The Strategic Leadership Team reviews the SPSC recommendations and prioritizes proposals for funding. The President makes the final decision on which proposals to fund.

When applicable, SIRC will contact USD’s Office of Sponsored Programs for identification of an alternate source of funding. When proposal funding is not approved, the proposer will be notified by SIRC if funds have been depleted or if criteria were not met, and advised if a variation of the proposal should be submitted for the next cycle.


Once funding is approved, the proposer will be granted access to Cayuse (USD’s Sponsored Projects Management System) to upload the approved proposal and budget and to establish a record of the awarded amount and how funds will be distributed. The proposer will also be directed to IESI to establish an assessment plan in TRACDAT.