Goal 5

Goal 5: Amplifying Local & Global Engagement and Reputation - Further develop a local and global reputation as a university that facilitates democratic partnerships and builds solidarity to foster greater inclusion, prosperity, and social justice.


Anchor InstitutionPractice Changemaking

Strategic Goal Committee for Goal 5: Amplifying Local & Global Engagement and Reputation

Co-chairs: Chris Nayve, Denise Dimon

For more information about this committee, see committees tab.

Implementation Plan - Goal Five

The Strategic Planning Steering Committee charged the Goal Five subcommittee to document key elements of the implementation plan for Envisioning 2024, such as new and existing initiatives in support of strategic pathways and goals; major actions that propel initiatives forward; and new and existing metrics that can serve as evidence of pathway and goal progress.


For more information, please read the Implementation Plan for Goal Five.

Initiatives and Opportunities

  • National Branding and Marketing Plan
  • Centralized Documentation of Engagement
  • Awarded Innovative Initiatives
  • Promote International Experiences