Goal 3

Goal 3: Improving Structural & Operational Effectiveness - Model best practices in institutional sustainability and effectiveness that embodies Pope Francis’ vision for the Care for Our Common Home and embraces USD’s Culture of Care.


Icon of the Earth with the words, "Care for Our Common Home," underneath.

Strategic Goal Committee for Goal 3: Improving Structural & Operational Effectiveness

Co-chairs: Katy Roig, Bill McGillis

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Implementation Plan - Goal Three

The Strategic Planning Steering Committee charged the Goal Three subcommittee to document key elements of the implementation plan for Envisioning 2024, such as new and existing initiatives in support of strategic pathways and goals; major actions that propel initiatives forward; and new and existing metrics that can serve as evidence of pathway and goal progress.



For more information, please read the Implementation Plan for Goal Three.

Initiatives and Opportunities

  • Renaissance Plan
  • Environmental Sustainability Efforts
  • Leading Change Campaign
  • Increase Endowment
  • Operational Excellence Study
  • Creative, Innovative, Interdisciplinary Initiatives