Goal 2

Goal 2: Strengthening Diversity, Inclusion & Social Justice - Justly represent the breadth and beauty of God’s creation in our own community and transform the campus culture to ensure that all community members thrive.


Icon of three people with lines between them. Underneath are the words, "Access and Inclusion."

Strategic Goal Committee for Goal 2: Strengthening Diversity, Inclusion, & Social Justice

Co-Chairs for AY 2020-21: Richard Miller, Joi Spencer, and Mike Williams 

For more information about this committee, see Committees tab.

Implementation Plan and KPIs

The Strategic Planning Steering Committee charged the Goal Two subcommittee to document key elements of the implementation plan for Envisioning 2024, such as new and existing initiatives in support of strategic pathways and goals; major actions that propel initiatives forward; and new and existing key performance indicators that can serve as evidence of goal progress.


Please read the Implementation Plan for Goal Two and see the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Goal Two below.

Initiatives and Opportunities

  • Center for Inclusion and Diversity Refresh
  • Recruiting and Retaining a Diverse Staff and Administration
  • Recruiting and Retaining a Diverse Faculty
  • Recruiting and Retaining a Diverse Student Body
  • Building an Inclusive Campus Environment
  • Catholic Student-Focused Initiatives
  • Innovative Strategic Initiatives
table of key performance indicators for goal 2 For an accessible version of the image above, please click here.