Learning Opportunities

The Learning and Development team takes a holistic approach to learning, engaging the employee as an individual, as a professional, as a leader, and as a part of the greater organization.

Individual Development

The Learning and Development team emphasizes individual development as the core of all learning and the starting point for all development, and therefore offers a number of opportunities focused on interests and identities, personal discovery, and self-care.

The Learning and Development team also champions employee integration via a robust New Employee Orientation program that outlines USD’s history, mission, and values -- and how each employee’s unique gifts help the University accomplish its goals.

Professional Development

The Learning and Development team provides professional development opportunities to all employees at USD via a variety of skill-building workshops offered throughout the year. These opportunities allow our employees to learn and grow with their ever-changing work situations and enhance their individual and team productivity.

Workshop examples include:

Leadership Development

The Learning and Development team enhances management and leadership capacity at USD by offering various training programs that will prepare leaders at every level to communicate, engage, motivate, and lead effectively. All sessions are intentionally linked to support USD’s mission, values, and goals, and they focus on the wide range of responsibilities of a leader.

Programs examples include:

Organizational Development

The Learning and Development team supports team growth and productivity by facilitating customized retreats, training workshops, and organizational development consulting to departments around campus. Please contact the Learning and Development team at hrlearning@sandiego.edu for more information.