Collaborative Leadership for Change Program

Collaborative Leadership for Change is a leadership development program at USD that focuses on developing leadership capacity in faculty, staff, and administrators. Entering its third iteration, this program is designed for individuals currently in leadership positions or those who aspire to further develop their leadership skills at USD.

Using aspects of adaptive and integral leadership theory, participants will engage in dialogue to build leadership capacity beyond technical skills and establish a personal leadership style that is authentic and consistent with Catholic traditions of discernment and respect for the dignity of all persons.


Who will be selected?

Current and emerging leaders, such as directors, department chairs, faculty, administrators, and staff who want to further develop their leadership capacity.


What are the eligibility requirements?

Eligible employees are any faculty, staff, or administrator who meets the following criteria:

  • Employed at USD for at least two years in a non-temporary position
  • Meritorious performance
  • Demonstrated leadership in their current position

What is the time commitment?

Leaders selected to participate in this program will attend eight half-day sessions on Friday mornings, approximately once per month from October through May. Attendance at all sessions is mandatory.


What is the cost?

The total cost of the program—which includes books, materials, and refreshments—is $1600. We are extremely grateful that this program is currently co-sponsored by the President’s Office, and a Presidential Scholarship will cover half of the $1600 cost. The remaining $800 will be funded by the participants’ department/division budget.


For More Information

For more information, please contact Lynn Levis at