Temporary Pool

For hiring managers in need of assistance in finding and hiring a temporary employee, Human Resources has an active temporary clerical pool with applicants that we can quickly refer. The applicants available have been interviewed by the Employment Services Team, have had a reference check completed and have completed a computer assessment test consisting of Microsoft Excel 2010, Word 2010, editing/formatting of a business letter and proofreading. The majority of them have also successfully completed the pre-employment background check.

To initiate the referral of these applicants, please complete the Request for a Temporary Employee form and submit it to Human Resources.  Once the Employment Services Team receives the completed Request for Temporary Employee form, the position requirements are reviewed against the experience, qualifications and skills of the temporary clerical pool applicants. Applications will then be sent to the hiring manager for their review.

For additional information regarding the temporary clerical pool or questions, please contact hr@sandiego.edu.

Qualified Temp Agency Vendors

Procurement Services has created the below listing of qualified temporary staffing agencies that may be contacted directly by the department. These agencies are reviewed annually to ensure compliance with university policy, including requirements under the Affordable Care Act.

Temp Agency Vendors