Rules for Hiring Minors

Employment of Minors

The University of San Diego will comply with the legal requirements under both federal and state law concerning the employment of minors under age 18.  A minor is defined as any person under age 18 who is required to attend school under the provisions of the Education Code.

Supervisors hiring minors must ensure that:

  • they comply with the regulations limiting the work hours and duties of minors;
  • a valid work permit from the minor’s school is submitted to Human Resources;
  • the employment is not detrimental to the minor’s health or welfare;
  • the minor will be adequately supervised; and
  • the employment does not interfere with the minor’s education.

Work Permit

Under no circumstances shall a minor under the age of 14 be employed, regardless of permit status (Federal Fair Labor Standards Act).  Employers wishing to employ minors over the age of 14 must submit a “Request for Work Permit and Statement of Intent to Employ Minor” obtained from the school district of attendance of the minor.  Both the employer and employee must sign the form, which the minor submits to the school district for approval.  Once approved, the minor will be issued a “Permit to Employ and Work”, which must be submitted to Human Resources.

Hours of Work

The number of hours and times of day a minor may work varies depending on the age of the minor, and the time of year in which the work is performed.  Assuming proper work permits are submitted; see the following chart for permitted work hours:

Ages School in Session School Not In Session Times of Day/ Spread of Hours

Ages 14-15

Daily:     3 hours
Weekly: 18 hours

Daily:      8 hours
Weekly:  40 hours

7am7pm (-9pm June 1 through Labor Day)

Ages 16-17

Daily:    4 hours on school days, 8 hours on non-school days
Weekly: 48 hours

Daily:     8 hours
Weekly: 48 hours

5am10pm (-12:30am on days preceding a non-school day)

Work Restrictions

The University of San Diego will not employ minors to perform certain job tasks.  Examples of prohibited tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • working on scaffolding
  • using toxic chemicals or gases
  • operating power machinery (except office equipment)

For more information contact Human Resources, Maher Hall 101, ext. 6611.