Interviewing Resources

Once you have reviewed the applications from your posted vacancy, you will decide which candidates to interview.  Here are steps to guide you through the interviewing process as well as useful resources:

  1. Determine who on campus will participate on the interview panel.  This group should consist of individuals with diverse roles and perspectives so that it is a well rounded interview.
  2. Decide which candidates will be invited for an interview.  Make sure that they meet the minimum qualifications as outlined in the job description.  Remember:  In iRecruitment you are able to view all applications for your vacancy. Your department's recruitment team will need to prescreen all applications, unless you request that HR prescreens them for you.  When the Proposal to Hire is submitted, your Employment Services Representative will verify that the selected candidate meets the minimum qualifications prior to making a job offer.
  3. Identify the knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA’s) that someone will need in order to be successful in the position. Based on these KSA’s, select behavior based interview questions to ask candidates.  (“Describe a time when you…”)  Questions that explore past behaviors are generally good indicators of future job performance.  Click on “Sample Behavior Based Interview Questions” for examples.  Note:  Telephone interviews are recommended prior to a visit to campus in order to maximize yours and the candidate’s time. Click on “Sample Phone Interview” for an example.
  4. Decide on an appropriate way to evaluate the candidates. 
  5. Invite the candidates to campus.  When planning for their visit, plan ample time to get to know them and to allow them to get to know USD, the department, and their potential supervisor.

These resources may be useful to you in the process:

There are a number of ways that the Employment Services Team can provide additional support in the hiring process. Please contact an Employment Services Representative at to request any of the following services: 
  • Preliminary Screening of Applications
  • Skills assessment on software applications that are relevant to the job
  • Interview Scheduling