Recognition Activities and Events

Annual Community Picnic

Employees are one of USD's most valuable assets. The university recognizes that employees do make a difference. As a way to express its appreciation, the university holds an annual community picnic for all faculty, staff and administrative employees and their families. The event is filled with entertainment, games, contests and delicious food. 

The Manuel Hernandez Staff Employee of the Year is announced and presented with an award at this event.

CHR@USD Employee Recognition Award

The CHR@USD Employee Recognition Award encourages peers and supervisors to look across campus and identify and support such employees. From our Catholic identity, the core values at USD include Academic Excellence, Knowledge, Community, Ethical Conduct, and Compassionate Service.

The objective of this award is to create role models and communicate noteworthy accomplishments, to reinforce behaviors important to the university, and to increase morale by recognizing extraordinary employee contributions.

Visit the CHR@USD Employee Recognition Award page for more information.

Service Award Program

The Service Award Program is designed to recognize employees for service beginning with their fifth year of service. Employees celebrating five, ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty five, thirty, thirty five and above years of service are recognized at the Annual Fall Employee Service and Recognition Awards Luncheon.

Please take the time to watch our virtual 2020 Recognition of Continuous University Service and check out our electronic program.

The Manuel Hernandez Staff Employee of the Year Award and the Sister Virginia Rodee Administrator of the Year Award

The Manuel Hernandez Staff Employee of the Year award has been presented to an outstanding staff employee every year since 1985. Employees take a great amount of pride in this recognition which is based on job competence, dedication to the job, department and university, initiative and willingness to assume responsibility and relation with others and the exemplification of the values of the University. In addition to this award, we acknowledge an exceptional Administrator with the Sister Virginia Rodee Administrator of the Year award.

To be eligible for these awards, Staff and Administrators must be in a non-temporary benefit-based, (full-time or part-time) position, with a minimum of five years of service, and have been nominated for a CHR@USD Employee Recognition Award. For more information on CHR@USD visit the CHR website.

Employee of the Year and Administrator of the Year Nomination Form