Spiritual Well-Being

Spiritual well-being is the ability to establish a state of harmony with oneself and others while appreciating the diversity of beliefs and cultures that enrich our community. 

All Faith Service

We gather at the beginning of the spring semester for a USD tradition, the annual All Faith Service. This celebration begins together in prayer the leaders of faith communities, faculty, staff and students. Integral to the Catholic identity of the University of San Diego is a respect for the individual religious traditions represented in its community. The Catholic Church acknowledges what is true and holy in these various religions, and though beliefs differ, the church realizes that these faith traditions reflect, through different lenses, truths which enlighten all peoples.

Catholic Social Thought

Catholic Social Thought is a rich heritage of wisdom and a living tradition of the Church's commitment to work for a just and peaceful society. Concerned about the moral quality of social life, this tradition expresses the Church's understanding of society and continuously explores the social demands of the Catholic faith.

We invite University administrators, faculty, staff and students to serve as liaisons between the work of their campus areas and the advancement of Catholic Social Thought (CST). Ambassadors will commit to encourage the USD community to aspire to and practice the values and principles of CST.

Contemplative Living Group

A group of faculty and staff will explore ways to respond more contemplatively to everyday experiences and to become more aware of this connectedness and communion with others. It is an endeavor to direct minds and hearts to important issues of human existence and to consciously attend to them. Group leader: Virginia Rodee, RSCJ.

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Faculty/Staff Prayer Breakfast

Once a semester faculty and staff gather in the Gran Terraza for a Prayer Breakfast. This time together offers the opportunity to hear about a spiritual topic, to pray together and to enjoy breakfast with others in the university community.

Mass of the Holy Spirit

In keeping with a long tradition dating from the founding of the great European universities in the Middle Ages, USD celebrates the Mass of the Holy Spirit at the start of each academic year. During the liturgy we ask for the inspiration, guidance, and presence of God's Spirit on all of our campus activities. This festive event gathers the entire University community together to rededicate ourselves to USD's mission, to renew friendships, and to welcome new members.

Mission and Ministry for Employees

Mission and Ministry offers pastoral support and spiritual counseling to all USD employees. To balance work and life often is a challenge. Sometimes family-related concerns and difficulties arise such as illness, surgery or death. God is present in all of these human events and can be discovered through faith. University ministers/priests are available to assist you through challenging times.

New Hire Orientation

In collaboration with Human Resources newly employed administrators and staff receive an orientation, which includes the history of USD, an explanation of its mission and core values as well as the principles of Catholic Social Thought. There is opportunity for discussion and exchange regarding living the mission at the university. For more information click

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Twilight Retreat

Faculty and Staff are invited to participate in retreats offered twice a semester in the late afternoon and early evening. These on-campus gatherings include time for a presentation on a particular theme, silent prayer and sharing.

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Liturgy is at the heart of this faith community. We bring our lives together in prayer each Sunday and at major University celebrations, receiving strength from the presence of Jesus Christ in the Word, Sacrament, and in the people assembled. During these dynamic celebrations the campus community is renewed and refreshed for the on-going work of finding God in the midst of study, work, and play.