Job Descriptions

Clear, accurate and well-defined job descriptions are a useful management tool, providing a valuable summary of the position responsibilities, scope, minimum qualifications and working conditions to both the employee and his or her supervisor. 

All regular positions at the University of San Diego have a job description, which is provided to new employees upon hire.  Any employee who does not have a copy of their job description should contact their supervisor or human resources.  All job descriptions should be reviewed and updated on an annual basis.  This should be a joint project between the employee and the employee’s supervisor, with assistance from human resources as needed.  The annual job description review should be completed in preparation for the annual performance evaluation process.  For more information, see the annual performance evaluation process.

Sometimes, the job description update substantially changes the position, and the supervisor would like to have the position reviewed by human resources for possible reclassification. See Job Analysis and Classification. The first step in classifying a position is to ensure that the job description is current and accurate. For information on writing job descriptions and the USD job description form, please see: 

Guide to Writing Job Descriptions

USD Job Description Template