Job Analysis and Classification


Positions are classified or reclassified on the basis of duties and responsibilities, as described in the job description. It is important that supervisors maintain current job descriptions for all positions, to ensure that positions are properly classified and paid. The first step in classifying a position is to ensure that the job description is current and accurate. For information on writing job descriptions and the USD job description form, please see Job Descriptions.

A Human Resources committee meets as needed to evaluate and classify positions. The university classifies positions into salary range/pay grades by evaluating factors such as job requirements, qualifications, reporting structure, fiscal responsibility, and comparison with both external market data and similar existing internal positions.

Exempt v. Non-Exempt

Positions that are determined to be non-exempt are subject to the wage and hour laws that regulate how we pay our employees. The key wage and hour laws require that non-exempt employees:

  1. Are paid at least two times per month
  2. Must maintain a written time record of hours worked (time card or other time record)
  3. Must be paid overtime compensation of 1.5 times the employee’s regular rate of pay for any hours worked in excess of 8 hours in the workday or 40 hours in the workweek.

Exempt positions are those positions that are not subject to the wage and hour regulations described above.  The determination of whether a position is exempt or non-exempt is made by Human Resources based on a careful review of the job description, in accordance with state and federal regulations. Exemptions may be made for Executive, Administrative or Professional positions that meet certain criteria regarding salary and position responsibilities.  For more information on the exemptions available under wage and hour regulations, please see: exemption information

Classification Procedures

The supervisor and/or department head completes the Job Description Form and forwards it to Human Resources.  For new positions, this must be done prior to or concurrently with posting/recruiting for the position. For administrative positions, this should be done prior to submitting the proposed position for budget approval.  Human Resources reviews the job description, working with the supervisor as needed to ensure it is complete and provides all required information about the position.  For administrative positions, human resources will also work with the department to establish the proposed pay rate, utilizing input from the hiring supervisor, and comparison of similar positions on campus and in the external market. The completed Job Description goes to the committee for review and classification, usually within two weeks. Once the position has been classified, Human Resources notifies the originating supervisor.  If the position is a current position with an incumbent, the supervisor submits a Department Action Form to implement the reclassification.  If a position is classified upward, the incumbent employee’s pay may be increased. See: Other Rate Changes