Benefits Philosophy

The university understands that in order to fulfill its mission it requires a highly qualified, and diverse faculty and staff.  The university believes that each employee is a valuable asset.  Therefore, USD maintains a comprehensive and competitive benefits program for its employees and their dependents in order to attract and retain motivated individuals that will carry out its mission.

The University of San Diego provides a benefits program that: 

  • Recognizes that benefits are an important component of total compensation.
  • Helps the university compete successfully for human resources.
  • Provides a “safety net” of basic benefits protection against the financial impact of catastrophic life events.
  • Provides individual choice and flexibility in managing health and welfare benefits, and recognizes the diverse needs of the employee population.
  • Is managed in a fiscally responsible manner, complies with state and federal regulations, and is administered efficiently and effectively.
  • Is communicated effectively to provide employees with a full understanding of the value of the benefits program.
  • Is dynamic, sustainable and changes as necessary to meet the needs of the workforce and the university.

The USD benefits department mission is to assist employees and their families in accessing, understanding, and maximizing the value obtained from the university’s benefits programs.  Please contact us as we are always available to service your benefits needs.  You can reach us at