Pre-2019 Honors Requirements

To graduate with the Honors Diploma, students must:

New requirements for students declaring under the 2019-2020 catalog

We made some changes to the Honors Program requirements starting in Fall 2019.  Please consult the FAQ below to determine what these changes mean for you.
  • Who will be affected by these changes?
  • What is different about the Honors requirements under the 2019-2020 Catalog?
  • What has NOT changed?
  • What is a linked class?
  • What linked courses are being scheduled in the upcoming semester?
  • How should I decide whether or not I should switch to the 2019-2020 catalog?
  • Do I have to switch catalog years before I take a linked class, or in order to take a linked class?
  • If I switch catalog years, will the Core requirements change significantly?
  • I'm interested in switching catalog years. How and when should I do it?
  • I'm confused. Where can I talk to someone about what I should do?