Honors Courses

There are several different ways that students can earn Honors units through coursework on the USD campus.

LLC Courses

All first-year students who enter the Honors Program in fall take two Honors LLC courses: one in the fall semester (4 units) and another LLC course in the spring semester (3 units). These LLC courses are offered within various departments across the university, and they all fulfill at least one Core requirement. For many students, these LLC courses also offer the chance to explore a major or field of study in which they are interested. The instructor for students' fall LLC course serves as their academic advisor until they declare their major. First-year students who enter mid-year may choose to take a spring Honors LLC course if they wish, but are not required to do so. Find more information about the LLC Program. 

Honors LLC Instructor, Dr. Del Dickson, with his POLS 100 students. Honors LLC Instructor, Dr. Del Dickson, with his POLS 100 students.

Single-Instructor Courses

Students can earn Honors units by taking an Honors section of a course taught by an individual instructor within a particular department. These courses vary from year to year, but typically include courses that meet Core requirements and that Honors students frequently need (e.g., Theology & Religious Studies courses). Students earn credit for the course itself, as well as units toward the Honors requirements.


Team-Taught Courses

A team-taught Honors course is one in which two individual faculty members from different disciplines co-instruct a single Honors course, offering students an interdisciplinary understanding of a common topic or problem. These classes provide a multi-faceted perspective on life, as issues and problems in the real world are seldom addressed by a single subject. Due to the creative and experiential nature of these courses, many students list team-taught courses as one of their favorite features of the Honors Program.

The Honors Program typically offers 4 team-taught courses each semester, all of which fulfill the Core requirement for Integration (CINT). Some team-taught courses also fulfill other Core or major requirements. You may review the list of upcoming Team-Taught courses, as well as additional Core or major requirements they may fill.

Dr. Lance Nelson (THRS) and Dr. Christopher Adler (Music) with students in their team-taught course, Sound and Spirit in South and Southeast Asia. Dr. Lance Nelson (THRS) and Dr. Christopher Adler (Music) with students in their team-taught course, Sound and Spirit in South and Southeast Asia.

Linked Courses

A linked Honors course constitutes an individual Honors course, taught by single instructor, that is linked together with another Honors course(s) in a different major based on a common theme, concept or problem. Linked courses are scheduled simultaneously so that students in each linked Honors class might meet together for interdisciplinary group projects, joint discussions, guest speakers and other common activities.

*Note: Only students who declare their major under the 2019 catalog or later will be able to earn units toward the Honors Program requirement for interdisciplinary courses by taking a linked class. Learn more about the changes in requirements. 

Honors Thesis Seminar

All students are required to enroll in HNRS 495, Honors Senior Seminar, in their senior year. The Honors Senior Seminar is designed to provide instruction, feedback and community to support the completion and presentation of students' Senior Honors Thesis. By promoting both independent scholarship and deep introspection, it is also designed to serve as a culminating experience at the end of students' Honors education at USD. By the end of the semester, students complete an original Honors Thesis project, present it visually in a poster format at USD's Creative Collaborations Undergraduate Conference, present it orally at the Honors Colloquium, and submit the final product to their Thesis Advisor and the Honors Program. Find more information about the Senior Honors Thesis.

Shane Davis (BIOC) presenting his Honors thesis Shane Davis (Biochemistry) presenting his thesis research at the 2019 Honors Colloquium.