FAQs for Prospective Students


  • What are the benefits of being in the Honors Program?
  • How many Honors classes do students take each year?
  • How are Honors courses different from non-Honors courses?
  • Do Honors students take more classes than non-Honors students?
  • Are there Honors courses in all majors?
  • Do Honors students have access to early registration?
  • Does being in the Honors Program hurt students’ GPA?
  • What if a student’s GPA falls below 3.4, the minimum required for the Honors Program?
  • Does every Honors student conduct research?
  • Can Honors students study abroad?


  • What kind of student are you looking for in the Honors Program?
  • How can students apply for the Honors Program?
  • If a student is not invited to apply in the Fall, can they still join the Honors Program later?
  • Can transfer students apply?
  • Can all majors participate in the Honors Program?


  • What is the Honors “Illuminate” LLC?
  • Where do first-year Honors students live?
  • Can students request to live in a separate dorm?
  • If housing for Honors students is already determined, then do they still need to complete a housing questionnaire?

Special Opportunities