Homelessness and food insecurity are two of the most pressing crises in the San Diego region. Inspired by the University of San Diego’s mission to promote social justice and changemaking, the Collective is committed to understanding and confronting these multidimensional issues.

picture of dictionary emphasizing the word "Homeless" with a few surrounding words "someone with no, homeless, with no homes."

San Diego County has the fourth-largest population of persons experiencing homelessness in the United States. Each night, thousands of individuals in our region can be found sleeping on the streets or in shelters. Thousands of others are one crisis away from finding themselves in a similar position.

The primary aim of the Urgent Challenges Collective, which is funded through a two-year strategic initiative grant from the University of San Diego, is to provide new opportunities for studying and addressing homelessness and food insecurity in our local community. The work of the Collective is inclusive of the entire campus community with a focus on four core areas: research projects, course development, community engagement, and advocacy initiatives/events. 

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