Looking for Help?

  • Betty Ford Center
    • Alcohol and other drug dependency treatment services, including programs of education and research to help women, men and families begin the process of recovery. Call (800) 434-7365 or click on the link below.
  • Drug and Alcohol Resource Center
    • Nationwide Alcohol and Drug Addiction Rehab Information (online help and information available at no cost). Call 1-800-784-6776 or click on the link below.
  • Hazelden
    • Addiction treatment, publishing, education, research, and recovery support.

Smoking and Tobacco Cessation

CHWP is a resource for anyone looking to quit smoking or tobacco use. For more information, please visit our Smoking and Tobacco Free website.

Addiction Resources

  • Free 24-hour Addiction Helpline
    • 1-800-559-9503
  • San Diego Center for Pathological Gambling
    • Comprehensive outpatient assessment and treatment.
  • Smart Recovery®
    • Free face-to-face and online mutual help groups. SMART Recovery® (Self-Management And Recovery Training) helps people recover from all types of addictive behaviors, including: alcoholism, drug abuse, substance abuse, drug addiction, alcohol abuse, gambling addiction, cocaine addiction, and addiction to other substances and activities.