Make An Appointment

The Student Health Center sees more than 10,000 students per year. In order to reduce significant waiting times, the SHC strongly encourages scheduling appointments.

Allot a minimum of 60 minutes between your appointment time and your next time commitment for completion of the following components of your visit:

  • Preparation by nursing and medical assistant staff
  • Thorough exam and discussion with your medical provider
  • Draw blood or other labs (please call to schedule; not available for Web Booked Appointments)
  • Wait-time for in-house tests to process
  • Perform procedures
  • Administration of medications
  • Pharmacy visit: Preparation of prescriptions
  • Discussion of discharge plan
  • Preparation of any specially-requested forms
  • Check-out process

On-Line Scheduling Fast, efficient 24/7 on-line scheduling is highly encouraged.

Call for an Appointment: You may also call the SHC at 619-260-4595 to schedule an appointment.

Patients WITH Appointments: Patients may schedule their routine appointments, physicals, and other appointments well in advance to avoid waiting times.

  • Late Arrivals: Arrive a minimum of 15 minutes PRIOR to your appointment time, or your appointment may be given to the next patient waiting. You will need time to complete consent forms and the medical assistant requires time to prepare you to be seen by the medical provider before your appointment time. "No show" appointments or late cancellations within 2 hours of your appointment are subject to a $25 fee.
  • Same-Day Appointments: Reserved for patients with very immediate and concerning medical conditions only. These do not include patients with common illnesses (sore throat, sinus congestion, mild cough, mild fatigue, muscle strain, etc) that should be treated initially at home with over-the-counter medications.

Patients WITHOUT Appointments:Except for very immediate and concerning medical conditions, all patients at the SHC are seen by appointment. If you "walk-in", without such needs we will schedule you for a future appointment more suitable for your condition. By comparison, patients arriving without appointments typically wait multiple hours, as much as 3-4 hours, before they are evaluated in typical urgent care facilities and emergency departments in San Diego. Off-campus medical services