USD SHC Confidentiality:

In accordance with federal and state regulations, all records and communications between USD Wellness providers and patients are kept confidential, and will not be shared with anyone outside of USD Wellness (including parents or guardians) without express consent of the adult patient, with the following exceptions:

  1. Legal guardians can access records for minors under age 18 without their consent.  
  2. The consent requirement may be bypassed in cases of emergency, when a patient is unable to give consent.
  3. Consent requirements may be waived when required by law (such as in the case of a court ordered request for records or mandated reporting to the county public health department concerning communicable diseases).  
  4. The Student Health Center shares diagnostic information with the student health insurance company for purposes of billing.
  5. USD Wellness may share records with off-campus medical providers for purposes of continuity of care (such as in the case of specialist referral), but we typically seek a patient’s consent for this.

A patient may withdraw consent to share information with anyone at any time.

The patient’s record is shared among all USD Wellness departments (Student Health Center, Counseling Center, DLDRC, and CHWP), so staff of all Wellness departments have access to the patient’s record.  All Wellness staff abide by the same standards of confidentiality. Communications between patients and Wellness providers, including lab test results, are via phone or a secure web-based portal.

Patients may provide consent for release of private information either by signing a written consent in person, providing verbal consent by phone, or by electronically signing a release of medical records on the MyWellness portal (under “Messages” to the SHC). Patients may withdraw consent for release of information by contacting the SHC or other pertinent Wellness department.