Crest Collective

FSL Senior Recognition

The Crest Collective is a small cohort of graduating students, selected through a brief nomination process each year, that have earned recognition for their lasting, positive impact on our community.

The verb "crest" means to reach the highest point; just as a wave will have a high point (the crest) as it flows on, we know our seniors have reached new heights while here at USD and will carry that momentum into their post-graduate experiences. 

Membership in the Crest Collective is an honor as well as a commitment to continue living the ideals and values of our fraternal organizations, and to prioritize community building, rather than individualism, in all future endeavors.


Campus partners, fraternity/sorority advisors, USD faculty/staff, student peers, and all other community members are encouraged to submit nominations for graduating FSL members.

Each nominator will be asked to write a brief statement of 300 words or fewer about how the nominee has exemplified one of the core principles of FSL during their time at USD: Growth through Attainment of Knowledge, Leadership Through Strength of Character, Service through Civic Engagement, Belonging through Inclusive Practices, and Health Through Safety and Well-Being

Nominations open in late April and close in early May each year.

Nominations for the 2021 cohort are now open at! The form will close at 11:59pm Pacific time on Tuesday, May 11th.

If you have any questions, please email

Previous Cohorts

  • 2020 Crest Collective