Primary Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment Schedule

Move-in Day and Recruitment Orientation - January 21st

  •  Move-in to the residence halls (unless moving in earlier)
    • Early Move-in information: There is a flat rate fee of $100 for Potential New Members staying in the residence halls for recruitment from 1/21-1/26. Please register for housing via Residential Life. If you would like to move in before January 21, rates are $35 a day. Residents that participate in recruitment and do not sign up for housing, and try to move in on January 21, 2020 will be charged a $65 penalty, and increased room rate of $65 per day.
  • Recruitment Orientation:
    • Potential New Member (PNM) Orientation is an opportunity for all women registered for primary recruitment to be introduced to their recruitment counselor (RC) and RC group. All PNMs will learn about what to expect from recruitment and sorority life including but not limited to the layout of recruitment, financial and academic commitment, Panhellenic sisterhood and more. All information regarding PNM orientation will be sent out to all women registered for recruitment prior to the date.

Primary Recruitment Schedule - January 22nd - 25th

The chart explains the recruitment schedule.
Values Day -                                       January 22, 2020
Philanthropy Day -                      January 23, 2020
Sisterhood Day -                     January 24, 2020
Preference Day -                January 25, 2020
  • Each PNM will be given the chance to meet and learn about all 7 Panhellenic chapters at USD.
  • The day begins in the morning and will concluded in the evening.
  • PNMs will have opportunity to visit up to 6 chapters learning about their Philanthropic causes, and community service efforts.

  • Important to note that schedule will vary per person.
  • PNMS will have the opportunity to visit up to 4 chapters gaining an insight about their sisterhood

  • Important to note that schedule will vary per person.
  • PNMs will have chance to visit up to 2 chapters seeing a unique glimpse of their traditions and sisterhood.

  • Important to note that schedule will vary per person.

Bid Day - January 26th

  • Bid Day
    • Bid day is the celebration of welcome in new sisters into the Panhellenic community. Bid Distribution will take place with Recruitment Counselor and select members of the 7 Panhellenic chapter. Bid day will concluded with chapter new members joining their new sisters for a day of celebration and bonding. Schedules will vary by chapter.