Executive Board

2020 Executive Board

Interfraternity Council Executive Board
Title Name Contact Information
President Brendan Burke usdifcpresident@gmail.com 
Vice President of Recruitment Harrison Mello usdifcrecruitment@gmail.com 
Vice President of Programming Tom Hollerbach usdifcvpprogramming@gmail.com 
Vice President of Communications Ryan Grazko usdifcvpcommunications@gmail.com 
Vice President of Administration Ryan Ramos usdifcvpa@gmail.com 
Vice President of Philanthropy and Community Service Alexander Osborne usdifcvpphilanthropy@gmail.com  
Vice President of Health and Wellness Tanner Claudio usdifcvphealthandwellness@gmail.com
Vice President of Judicial Affairs Nathan Aggarwal  usdifcjudicalaffairs@gmail.com