Membership Costs

Membership dues cover many things such as national insurance, leadership development opportunities, programming offerings, and national fees. Additionally, the first semester of membership may cost more in comparison to following semesters due to one-time fees related to initiation, education materials, and new member experiences. The seven Panhellenic chapters offer a payment plans for members over each semester. Limited scholarships are available through the inter/national organizations, Panhellenic Council, and other sources. Dues for women abroad vary, as well. We encourage students to ask questions about membership costs before joining an organization in order to fully understand the financial expectations of membership.
We have developed a break down of each of the seven Panhellenic chapters over all cost for both new member and active member dues along with specific financial breakdown in the chapter transparency sheets link below the chart.
The chart explains the sorority dues cost.
Chapter Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Delta Pi Gamma Phi Beta Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Delta Kappa Kappa Gamma Pi Beta Phi
New Member Dues $949 $871.50 $821 $708 $903 $707 $774
Do the dues include basic active pin/badge? Yes Yes No, is an additional cost Yes Yes No, is an additional cost Yes
Fall Active Dues $554 $576.50 $494 $686 $554 $400 $535
Spring Active Due $554 $435 $494 $499 $503.80 $440 $504


Updated October 2019

*Subject to change

Chapter Financial Transparency forms coming soon!