Fraternity IFC Recruitment

Recruitment Requirements

In order to participate in Spring 2021 Formal Fraternity IFC Recruitment, students:

  • Must have completed 12 USD units or 24 transfer units.
  • Must have at least a 2.50 cumulative GPA.
  • Recruitment registration will open in Fall 2020. 
  • Complete the New Student Wellness Course:
    • Any new first-year and transfer students enrolled after Spring 2019 need to complete AlcoholEdu & Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates prior to start of recruitment week. 
    • Any new first-year and transfer students enrolled at USD before Fall 2019, it is required that you have completed and passed the My Student Body Essentials Course. If you did not complete this in the past, please contact the Center for Health and Wellness Promotion at for access to the newly updated wellness courses that you will be required to complete. 
  • Complete the USD Transportation Liability Waiver
    • Under the activities section please insert the following values:
    • Organization:  IFC
    • Activity:  Fraternity Recruitment and Transportation
    • Date of Activity: TBA
    • Transportation:  Vehicle
  • $15 fee for all registered potential new members .

**Students not meeting these requirements will NOT be eligible to receive a bid. There are no late registrations**

Spring 2021 Recruitment Schedule 

Dates and events for Spring 2021 Formal Fraternity Recruitment will be announced in Fall 2020.  

Chapter Recruitment Officers

You may contact the following members for more information on specific chapters and recruitment:

List of recruitment officers
Name Affiliation Contact Information
Trevor Denney Beta Theta Pi 
Sam Cooke & Jake Ryan Delta Tau Delta and 
Brian Murphy Phi Gamma Delta 
Hagen Harvey Phi Kappa Theta 
Harrison Etherington Pi Kappa Phi
Patrick Foley Sigma Phi Epsilon
Anthony Zampese Sigma Pi

Recruitment FAQs

Q: How do I complete the New Student Wellness Course requirement?

AlcoholEdu for College and Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates are the required new student education courses for all first year and transfer students to complete. Please click on this link for further information on course access: 

Q: Do I have to complete the New Student Wellness Courses?

Yes. We require that every potential new member complete AND pass the required wellness courses. If you have problems completing or accessing the wellness courses, you will want to contact the Center for Health and Wellness Promotion at

Q: Where is Recruitment held?

Recruitment events are mostly held on campus, except for some individual chapter events. 

Q: What if I do not sign up for recruitment by the deadline?

You will be ineligible to receive a bid during the formal recruitment process. 

If you have any further questions about recruitment, or would like to speak with someone directly, please contact Harrison Mello, the IFC Vice President of Membership, at You may also contact Chad Reyes, Graduate Assistant for Fraternity and Sorority Life and IFC Advisor, at or (619) 260-4600 ext. 6925.

Last updated 02/2020