FSL Guidelines

H. Travel Guidelines (Taken from theUSD Travel Guidelines— these policies are applicable to all registered student organizations)

1. All fraternities and sororities planning to have an event off campus which involves providing commercial transportation for students must have those students sign a Release of Liability form and a Transportation waiver releasing the University from any liability for the student off campus. Waiver forms are available online at http://www.sandiego.edu/greek-life/forms/. Trip participants may not leave campus unless a signed waiver is received. The signed waivers are to be given to the Student Leadership and Involvement Center following the event.

2. A list which includes the name and ID number of each student traveling must be given to the Student Leadership and Involvement Center prior to departure from campus.

3. All transportation companies used (charter buses, rental cars, etc.) must carry insurance. A certificate of insurance from the carrier with USD named as additional insured must be given to the Student Leadership and Involvement Center prior to departure from campus. If renting a vehicle, drivers must be sure to purchase full comprehensive and collision insurance.

4. All publicity and invitations must state arrival and departure time clearly. Students should be made aware that they are responsible for their own transportation if they are late for the previously stated departure time.

5. Automobile Transportation Individuals who use personal auto travel for fraternity/sorority organization events should ensure:

a. Existence of current auto insurance and its applicability if drivers are rotated.

b. The proper licensing and eligibility of all drivers.

c. Compliance with all applicable traffic laws, including but not limited to those addressing speed limits.

d. Availability and use of passenger restraints (seat belts).

e. Compliance with all applicable laws addressing the operation of a vehicle under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

f. The proper maintenance and operating condition of the vehicle.

g. Availability of basic safety and repair equipment.

h. Operators of USD vehicles must possess a valid driver’s license applicable to the type of vehicle to be driven and be clear to drive prior to event.

6. Air Travel — In selecting an air carrier for organizational travel, fraternities and sororities should be aware that the University requires the use of carriers which possess $150 million of liability insurance. Major United States airlines carry this insurance and verification is not necessary. In the event a travel agency proposes the services of a charter company, an insurance certificate of $150 million, naming USD as an additional insured is required.

7. Bus Travel — Bus travel is often used by fraternities and sororities as a means of transportation to and from sponsored activities. Bus travel is permitted on commercial bus companies which possess $5 million of liability insurance and which name USD as an additional insured. A current list of bus companies carrying this insurance is available in the Student Leadership and Involvement Center.

8. Travel Agents — The agent should be made fully aware of all air travel and bus travel guidelines prior to negotiating trip arrangements.

a. The travel agency that the student organization works with should be informed that lodging facilities must be provided by a travel industry rating service (i.e. AAA Travel Guidelines, etc.) If this is not available, the lodging facility must possess $1 million of liability insurance, certification of which must be submitted to the Office of Student Affairs.

b. Under no circumstances should money be sent directly by student participants to the travel agency. All expenses must be paid by University check, which will be generated and sent to the travel agent once proper documentation and certification has been received and all necessary contracts have been signed.

9. Travel Emergency Procedures — for accidents occurring off campus.

a. When an accident occurs involving injuries or major damage, the chapter member should be immediately Call 911 to report the accident to the police agency having jurisdiction in the area of the accident. As soon thereafter as feasible, it should be reported to the University Department of Public Safety. Incidents involving USD vehicles must also be reported to the Director of Risk Management who will obtain the necessary information required by the insurance company.

b. If an accident occurs involving minor damages with NO injuries, insurance information must be exchanged between vehicle operators and must include the following information: name, address, telephone number, driver’s license number and expiration date, name of insurance carrier and/or agent and policy number, make, model, license number of vehicles involved. If the vehicle involved is a USD Vehicle, forward all pertinent information regarding the accident to the USD Director of Risk Management as soon as possible.

c. Upon receipt of information concerning an accident involving a USD vehicle, the USD Director of Risk Management will forward all information to the University’s insurance representative.

10. All travel arrangements and plans must be made according to the Interfraternity and Panhellenic Councils established Community Standards (Appendix B).

11. Fraternities and sororities that do not follow all sections of the travel guidelines will be subject to having publicity removed and/or scheduling privileges (which promote the event) revoked.

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