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D. Responsibilities of the general fraternities and sororities:
  1. To maintain objectives and activities of the fraternity/sorority chapters which are consistent with and supportive of the mission of the University of San Diego.

  2. To encourage intellectual, personal, spiritual, and social development of their student members. To comply with all applicable University policies and procedures, as well as all applicable laws and regulations, and to be responsible for compliance by chapter members of the same.

  3. To be responsible, as a community and as individual chapters, for the conduct of the chapter members at chapter sponsored functions, both on and off campus.

  4. To promote conduct consistent with high values and ethics, based on the purposes and principles of fraternity and sorority founding.

  5. To operate from sound business practices with respect to chapter finances and business relations with the chapter members, the University, and the community.

  6. The University does not recognize or permit fraternity or sorority housing. Chapters shall ensure that their members do not make representations of any nature to the contrary.

  7. Registration of general fraternities and sororities:

a. Annual process for renewing registration

1) The Student Leadership, Involvement, and Changemaking area will distribute information for renewing registered student organization status to all chapter presidents at the beginning of the fall semester.

2) The chapter must return the application forms and all requested materials by the deadline date specified on the application form.

3) The Associated Students’ Student Organizations Committee will review all submitted materials, verify that the requirements listed in section “c” below have been met, and will submit any revisions of chapter governing documents to the Associated Students for approval. The president of the chapter will receive confirmation that registered student organization status has been granted in full or on a conditional basis, or a letter indicating why registration status was denied. A decision to deny registration status may be appealed to the Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs.

b. Process for a new general fraternity or sorority to attain registered student organization status

1) A general fraternity or sorority desiring to become established at the University of San Diego must first meet the membership or affiliation requirements of the Interfraternity Council or the Panhellenic Association. The requirements for membership or affiliation are found in the Constitutions and Bylaws of those organizations. Final approval for the colonization of any new fraternity or sorority will be given by the Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs or his/her designee.

2) After attaining membership or affiliation in the appropriate Council, the chapter or colony must obtain Club Registration materials from the Student Leadership, Involvement, and Changemaking area and follow the same procedures outlined above for continuing organizations.

c. Requirements for maintaining Registered Student Organization Status

1) General fraternities or sororities are required to be members or affiliates in good standing of the Interfraternity Council or Panhellenic Association.

2) Chapters and their members must adhere to the Guidelines for Fraternity/Sorority Activities included in Part II of this document.

3) On an annual basis, each chapter must file the following information with the Student Leadership, Involvement, and Changemaking area.

a) Officer Directory, Chapter Information Sheet, signed Statement of Chapter President’s responsibility, Directory of Advisors, and signed Statement of Advisor Responsibility, by the first Friday of the semester and changes as they occur.

b) Statement, signed by every chapter officer, that he/she has received a copy of “The University Relationship and Guidelines for General Fraternities and Sororities,” and that he/she understands his/her responsibilities as outlined in Section III of this document.

c) Roster of initiates and new members (pledges, Associate Members, etc.) by the end of the third week of each semester and changes as they occur. The roster should also include the names of any “social affiliates.”

d) Copies of chapter and national/international constitutions and bylaws, and policies, and any changes to those documents as they occur.

e) Certificate of liability insurance. All chapters are required to submit, as part of the annual registration process, a certificate of liability insurance that states the amounts of coverage and names the University as co-insured, using the following language in the certificate:

“The University of San Diego is hereby declared to be an additionally insured under the terms of this policy. This insurance policy will not be canceled without thirty (30) days notice to the Division of Student Affairs, University of San Diego.”

4) The chapter president agrees to accept full responsibility for the chapter’s adherence to the Constitutions, Bylaws, rules and discipline procedures of the Interfraternity Council or the Panhellenic Association, University policies and directives by authorized University officials, the USD Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities, and local, state, and federal laws. Accordingly, the chapter president must become familiar with such policies, laws, regulations, directives, and procedures, and must educate the chapter membership.

5) Each chapter must maintain an active membership of ten or more members.

6) No fraternity or sorority may pledge (associate) or initiate any individual who is not matriculated and regularly enrolled for credit in at least nine units at the University of San Diego. No fraternity or sorority may pledge (associate) any USD student unless the student has completed one full-time semester (12 units) at USD or is transferring to USD with a minimum of 24 units from his or her previous university.

7) No fraternity or sorority may pledge (associate) or initiate any individual who does not have a minimum 2.5 cumulative grade point average. Individual councils or associations may set higher required minimum grade point averages for members, and each fraternity and sorority will be subject to the applicable required minimum grade point average of its council or association.

8) All active members must be regularly enrolled in at least nine units at the University of San Diego.

9) It is the right of the undergraduates in each chapter to select their own members within the context of allowing no discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, ethnic background, age, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, mental disability, physical disability, or other characteristic protected by state or federal law.

10) All fraternities and sororities may be required to fill out informational questionnaires, which have been reviewed and approved by the Division of Student Affairs.

11) Fraternities and sororities are responsible for voluntarily incurred debts to the University and/or the Associated Students (such as phone bills, duplication services, damage to University property, etc.) and are expected to maintain good credit ratings in the community and to employ principles of sound business practice in business relationships with members.

12) All chapters are expected to cooperate with the University administration and the Interfraternity and Panhellenic Councils in building and maintaining constructive community relationships with neighbors of the University, including the beach community.

13) Fraternities and sororities are expected to set and maintain appropriate academic standards for pledging (association) and maintaining active membership status. Any organization whose grade point average falls below a 2.5, or whose statistics show may be adversely affecting the academic performance of members, will be offered assistance in reviewing and revising its policies and practices with regard to academics.

14) Advisors are critical to the success of the individual chapters and the fraternity/sorority community. They provide continuity from year to year, wisdom from experience, and a perspective broader than that of the undergraduate members. It is the responsibility of the undergraduate members to regularly seek out the advice of their respective chapter advisors. Each chapter must have a chapter advisor and alumni advisory board. At a minimum, the University expects the following of the chapter advisor/alumni advisory board:

                               a) Meet regularly with chapter officers,

b) be familiar with University policies governing fraternities and sororities and ensure that the chapter complies with such policies,
c) regularly review chapter finances,
d) review the chapter’s new member development (pledging) program and ensure that no chapter activities involve hazing in any form,
e) assist University officials in addressing problems or other situations involving the chapter,
f) be represented at meetings of chapter fraternity/sorority advisors,
g) to attend and support chapter activities.

15) Each chapter must remain in good standing with the national/international fraternity or sorority.

16) Advisors are critical to the success of the organization. It is required as a part of the annual registration that each organization recruit a faculty or staff advisor in addition to their alumni advisors. These advisor names must be reported to the Student Leadership, Involvement, and Changemaking area at the beginning of each academic year.

17) No chapter shall sponsor an auxiliary organization or activity which connotes membership of any kind in their group (e.g., “little sisters,” “sweethearts,” etc.) other than that full membership as ascribed by the national/international constitution.

d. Suspension or Revocation of Registered Student Organization Status

1) Any time a chapter fails to meet the requirements in this document, the Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs or his/her designee may suspend or revoke the chapter’s registration status. Prior to taking such action, the Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs or his/her designee will conduct a conference with the chapter president and chapter advisor. The chapter president and chapter advisor shall be given not less than seven (7) days’ notice prior to the conference. Decisions by the Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs or his/her designee to suspend or revoke a chapters’ registration are final.

2) A chapter whose registration is suspended loses the right to use the name of the University, to use University or Associated Students facilities, to schedule activities on campus, to advertise on campus, and other privileges enumerated in the USD Student Code of Rights & Responsibilities. A suspended fraternity or sorority must continue to comply with all of the requirements stipulated in this document. Failure to comply with these requirements will prevent the suspended chapter from having registration reinstated. Suspension of registration status also results in a concurrent suspension of all privileges and rights associated with membership in the Interfraternity Council or Panhellenic Association. If a chapter registration is suspended, the Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs or his/her designee shall have the authority in his or her discretion to impose terms and conditions that must be met by the chapter to the satisfaction of the University before the suspension may be removed. If a chapter’s registration status is revoked, the organization will cease to operate, and the University will request that the national/international organization withdraw its charter from the local chapter.

3) Failure by individuals to comply with these regulations or with sanctions imposed for violations of these policies may result in the individuals being referred to individual disciplinary procedures as specified in the USD Student Code of Rights & Responsibilities.

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