FSL Guidelines

G. Noise Ordinance
Chapters are expected to adhere to the noise ordinance set forth in the Municipal Code of the City of San Diego. The ordinance establishes a noise curfew between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m., during which loud or raucous yelling, shouting or singing outdoors, or using amplified sound, which is audible 50 feet from the source, is expressly prohibited. The ordinance also establishes maximum decibel limits that vary according to the land use zone and the time of day. In addition, a chapter officer may be cited by the police for disturbing the peace any time of the day if a citizen is willing to sign a complaint and if the chapter has failed to comply with a lawful order to cease creating the disturbing noise. Noise permits can be issued for one-time events by the City of San Diego Noise Abatement Office. In certain locations on campus and in the community, such permits may be required prior to chapter events.