FSL Guidelines

D. Fund Raising

1. When sponsoring events on campus for the purpose of raising funds, fraternities and sororities must adhere to the University’s general fund-raising policies for registered organizations, as listed in the USD Student Code of Rights & Responsibilities.

2. Fraternities and sororities must adhere to State and local laws governing public solicitation of funds by nonprofit organizations.

3. Whenever a fraternity or sorority, Greek Week, Interfraternity Council, Panhellenic Council, or Order of Omega raises funds from the public for a charitable organization, the chapter or council is expected to keep complete records of receipts and disbursements (including canceled checks) and to make these records available to University officials upon request.

4. The following policies apply to “free drawings”:

a. Each ticket must contain the following information:

1) The name of the fraternity/sorority/Council

2) Amount of donation and the word “donation” printed after the amount (for example, $1.00 DONATION).

3) “FREE DRAWING” printed at the top of the ticket. Do not use the word “raffle.”

4) Major prize(s) offered.

5) Date and place of actual drawing.

6) Where proceeds are going, if other than the chapter’s or Council’s treasury.

7) Space for contributor’s name, address, and phone number.

8) Specify, “winner must be present to win” or “winner need not be present to win.”

 b. In order to comply with State law, an organization cannot require “consideration” for the tickets. Contributions must be voluntary. The organization cannot require an individual to purchase any goods or service in exchange for a ticket.

c. Alcoholic beverages may not be offered as a prize.

d. It is recommended that someone who is not affiliated with the chapter or Council conduct the actual drawing.

5. Chapters sponsoring a Casino Night should contact the Office of Student Affairs prior to organizing the event to ensure that the event is conducted in a manner consistent with California Law.

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