FSL Guidelines

A. Approval, Review, and Sponsorship of Activities

1. Definition of Chapter Sponsored Activity: An event will be considered a chapter-sponsored activity under one or more of the following conditions:

a. The event is advertised and the advertisement makes any mention of the fraternity or sorority.

b. Before the activity occurs, the activity is discussed during a chapter meeting, information about the activity is distributed during a chapter meeting, and/or the activity is mentioned in the minutes of a chapter meeting. Discussion refers to an active conversation between two or more members, or the discussion is endorsed by chapter officers.

c. Transportation to the activity is provided by the chapter. 

d. The chapter creates or causes to be created any promotional materials for the activity, including t-shirts, cups, etc.

e. The chapter is involved in any fashion with the sale of tickets for the activity or the sale of promotional items which mention the activity.

f. Chapter funds are used in any way in connection with the activity (e.g. promotions, food, beverages, entertainment, space rental, etc.)

g. The chapter provides maps, information, or tickets to the activity for its members and/or guests.

h. The activity is listed on the chapter calendar.

i. All Council sponsored events such as Greek Week, and chapter-sponsored events such as fraternity philanthropy weeks, are considered sponsored by all chapters who participate.

j. In the planning of the event, the organizers explicitly consider, refer to, or classify the event as a chapter event.

2. All chapter-sponsored activities conducted on campus require approval via the Event Registration process. Event registration forms are available online at http://www.sandiego.edu/slic. Additional approval may be required, depending on the nature of the event planned.

3. All chapter-sponsored activities conducted off campus must complete an off-campus event registration form (available online at http://www.sandiego.edu/student-leadership/events/on-campus-event-registration.php) or have a copy of the (inter)national paperwork submitted to the Director of Student Leadership and Engagement or his/her designee at least 2 weeks (14 days) prior to the event. If (inter)national paperwork is not required, chapters must also submit a Social Event Planning form (available online at http://www.sandiego.edu/greek-life/forms/). If an activity conducted off campus is of a large magnitude (anticipated attendance more than double the chapter size or 200 persons, whichever is larger), a Social Event Planning form is required. Off campus events that are overnight must be educational in nature. Social events more than 20 miles from campus require the organization to provide transportation.

4. Chapters are responsible for events they sponsor. When an event is sponsored by more than one organization, each sponsor is responsible for all activities arising out of or relating to the event, including but not limited to adequate planning, actual event behavior, and post-event accountability for all in attendance.

5. Chapters may not sponsor events in Mexico without prior approval from the Director of Student Leadership and Engagement or his/her designee. In order for approval to be given, the chapter must meet all terms of the USD Travel Guidelines (see Section II, H, below), must provide evidence of chapter liability insurance coverage in Mexico, and the event must be philanthropic in nature. Social events, especially those with alcohol present, may not be held in Mexico.

6. USD does not allow any activity by individuals or student organizations that involve the selling or auctioning of services by individuals. Chapters and chapter members shall not engage in any such activities.

7. The USD Ticket Office is the preferred method of ticket sales for events. Organizations may sell tickets outside of the USD Ticket Office with permission from the Student Leadership, Involvement, and Changemaking area.

8. All philanthropic events are expected to be alcohol free. Organizations are responsible for the conduct of people participating and attending their philanthropic events. In its discretion, the Student Leadership, Involvement, and Changemaking area may approve an exception to be granted for alcohol to be present at events when the attendance is not exclusively undergraduates and where the circumstances otherwise warrant the exception to be granted.

9. Organizations that wish to sponsor an event that involves gambling (e.g. poker or Texas Hold ‘Em tournaments, casino nights, etc.) must obtain advance approval from the Student Leadership, Involvement, and Changemaking area to ensure compliance with California law. Current law does not make these events possible for undergraduates.

10. All chapter-sponsored activities must follow the Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Council established Community Standards (Appendix B) for planning events.

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