FSL Guidelines

C. Alcoholic Beverages and Illegal Substances
1. In addition to the following policies, fraternities and sororities and their members are required to comply with the University’s policy for the use of alcoholic beverages when sponsoring or participating in any activity. (Refer to the USD Student Code of Rights & Responsibilities)
2. Use of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited.
3. In promoting events, alcoholic beverages may not be referred to in publicity, including signs, fliers, mailings, promotional materials including t-shirts and glassware etc. and media announcements. Use of words such as “beer,” “brew,” “wine,” “cocktails,” “open bar,” “booze,” “mixed drinks,” “spirits,” etc. (list is not all-inclusive — other terms may be considered violations) is prohibited; however, use of such terms as “beverages,” and “refreshments,” etc. is acceptable. Illustrations must not make reference to alcoholic beverages (i.e., no pictures of kegs, cocktail glasses, beer mugs, etc.). Social event themes may not include alcohol or alcohol related themes (e.g. Margaritaville Party).
4. At all chapter sponsored events where alcoholic beverages are consumed, provisions shall be provided for the free and conspicuous distribution of non-alcoholic beverages in adequate supply. An “adequate supply” is defined as a quantity sufficient to provide at least one beverage serving per hour for all members and guests.   All events serving alcohol must provide substantial, high in protein, non-salty food, especially during the first and last hours of the event.
5. No fraternity or sorority shall permit any person who is under the age of twenty-one or anyone who is obviously intoxicated to consume alcoholic beverages at chapter-sponsored events. At Bring Your Own Beverage events, sponsoring or co-sponsoring chapters will be responsible for checking ID to determine legal drinking age.   An organization sponsoring or co-sponsoring an event shall make reasonable efforts to provide for the safety of any members or guests who exhibit intoxication.
6. No fraternity or sorority shall at any time expect, suggest or compel members or new members/pledges/associates to consume alcoholic beverages.
7. Fraternities and sororities must be familiar with and comply with State of California laws regulating the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages. No tickets or invitations may be sold to chapter or council events where alcoholic beverages will be present, even if alcohol will be provided through a cash bar or brought by individual guests. Chapters are prohibited from providing alcoholic beverages to members or guests by selling tickets or cups, charging admission or entertainment fees, by taking a collection, by dues rebates, by maintaining a “special fund” or account or by using any direct or indirect means of collecting money from persons attending chapter functions.
8. Organized competitions involving the consumption of alcoholic beverages (chugging contests, “beer baseball,” “beer pong,” “quarters,” etc.) are prohibited at all chapter-sponsored events.
9. No “grain alcohol” nor any such distilled liquor that exceeds 100 proof, or above 50% pure grade alcohol per volume (e.g., “Everclear,” etc.) shall be served in any form or mixture during a chapter sponsored or Council sponsored event.
10. Fraternities shall comply with Interfraternity Council regulations establishing a completely dry fraternity recruitment. Sororities shall comply with Panhellenic Council regulations prohibiting alcoholic beverages at recruiting or pledging events. No alcoholic beverages shall be present at any chapter or Council recruitment function, regardless of location. A recruitment function is defined as any chapter activity occurring during the official recruitment period established by the Interfraternity Council or Panhellenic Council, or any event held at any time where the primary purpose is membership recruitment.
11. No alcoholic beverages shall be present at any pledge/associate member programs or activities, including but not limited to: initiation or pre-initiation activities; pledge/associate member retreat; pledge presents; and big brother/sister revealing.
12. No chapter may purchase alcoholic beverages through the use of any chapter funds or credits nor may the purchase of same be undertaken or coordinated by any member on behalf of the chapter. Purchasing bulk alcohol from a distributor (i.e. Beer King) and then reselling the alcohol to the members and guests at the function is prohibited. Chapters may not sell, in any fashion, alcohol to members, pledges/associates, or guests.
13. The purchase and/or use of any bulk quantity of alcoholic beverages or providing a common source of alcohol (e.g. kegs, “party balls,” alcoholic punch, coolers filled with canned beer, open bars, etc.) is expressly prohibited.
14. If the event is BYOB (bring your own beverage), all alcohol consumed at the function is individually purchased and consumed by the person who has brought and purchased the alcohol.
a. A limit on the number of beverages and types of beverages must be announced before the event.
b. A single bar area must be established where designated servers of legal drinking age (who are not consuming alcohol) may distribute the beverages to those who have brought their own alcohol. No minors may consume alcohol at any time.
c. Designated servers must not serve anyone who is visibly intoxicated.
d. Each person is allowed only one alcoholic beverage at a time.
15. No chapter may host an “open” party where alcohol is present. Non-members attending a chapter function may do so only by personal invitation of a chapter member who shall assume personal responsibility for the welfare of the guest and any damage to property caused by said guest. Chapters must abide by the guest list limitations set forth by their (inter)national organization.
16. A list of members, new members/associates/pledges with their birthdates, and non-members should be located at the entrance of the event so their invitation and identification can be checked. The use of wristbands to delineate those of age from those who are not are strongly recommended.
17. In the event a member is sent back to campus from an event due to the inability to care for himself or herself, the chapter is responsible for contacting the Resident Assistant on duty. If the RA is not available, the chapter shall be responsible for contacting the Department of Public Safety.
18. These policies shall also apply to the Interfraternity Council, the Panhellenic Council, Greek Week, Order of Omega, and all other inter-Greek functions.
19. Members violating University, Council or chapter policy relating to alcohol should be referred by their organization to the Center for Health and Wellness Promotion, Counseling Center, and/or Health Center.