FSL Guidelines

B. Advertising and Publicity (Please see the USD Student Code of Rights & Responsibilities for further regulations)

1. Chapters or Councils may not co-sponsor any of their activities or display advertising on or off campus for an alcohol distributor or tavern (tavern is defined as an establishment generating more than half of annual gross sales from alcohol).

2. Alcoholic beverages may not be implied, stated, or pictured in chapter advertisements.

3. Announcements for events where alcoholic beverages will be present shall clearly state the limitations on attendance; as such, events may not be open to the campus community but must be closed, invitation-only, events.

4. All publicity is expected to be in good taste and in compliance with University posting policies. (Refer to the USD Student Code of Rights & Responsibilities). The USD Alcohol Policy is available at http://www.sandiego.edu/conduct/the-code/university-policies/alcohol-policy.php.

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