Diplomas and Transcripts

This information is for graduate (masters and doctoral) students only. Undergraduate students, please see the online Office of the Registrar.


New Graduates

Diplomas are ordered after final grades have been submitted by faculty and the student has been cleared by Graduate Records. Delivery times are estimated at 5-7 weeks. Please notify Graduate Records of any address changes.

Replacement Diplomas

If you have graduated from USD and would like to receive an additional copy of your diploma, please send the following request form to Student Financial Services:

A PDF form can be found on the Registrar 'Forms' page. Access the Replacement Diploma form here.


The Transcript is the chronological record of the student's completed courses and grades. It is maintained and distributed by the Registrar 's Office in FoundersHall, Room 117. Please click here to order an official transcript.

Students may obtain their unofficial transcripts to make sure courses which they have completed have been recorded correctly. When petitioning to graduate, students need to attach their unofficial 'online' transcripts to their petition.

Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS)

Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) is a list of requirements for each student's field of study and the courses that have been taken to meet these requirements. It is designed to keep students updated on their academic progress and to let them know if waived or transferred courses have been approved and processed.