On-Campus Employment

Current Openings

Part-Time Positions

Most students work 10-15 hours per week, with a maximum of 25 hours per week among all on-campus positions during the fall and spring semesters as set by university policy.

Auxiliary Services

Dining Services

Campus Recreation

Other Campus Opportunities

On-campus employment is available in a number of other campus offices and centers. Students are encouraged to contact campus offices they are interested in working with to inquire about openings for student employees. 

Below is a list of campus offices that advertised part-time positions for graduate students in recent years.

Full-Time Positions

Visit the Human Resources website. Then choose the appropriate link under "Job Opportunities" to view current full-time positions at the University of San Diego.


Background Checks: Please note that all first time employees must undergo a background investigation before they are eligible to work.  This process can take some time so get informed.

The background check process is done after an offer of employment has been conditionally made and accepted but before an offer is finalized or (if applicable) a contract is signed. The background investigation is initiated when the appropriate person at USD enters the potential new hire’s name and e-mail address into the Truescreen background check online system. The potential new hire then receives an e-mail directing him/her to a website to enter the required information for the background check. After the background check is complete, the results are sent by Truescreen to HR. HR then shares the results with the hiring authority.