Registration Guide

Registering a Student Organization

All graduate student organizations and associations must register annually in order to remain active and be recognized by the University. Registration allows the organization to 1) Reserve event/meeting space on campus, 2) Request funding from the Graduate Student Council, 3) Be listed on the Graduate Student Life website, and 4) Advertise your organization around campus.

  • Get started by finding a minimum of 6 graduate students interested in your organization AND a current USD Faculty/Staff person that will act as your organization’s official Advisor.
  • Draft a Constitution for your organization; this will contain your organization’s official name, purpose, and function/operation by by-laws. A model constitution is available for you on our Graduate Organization Resources page.
  • Submit the Registration Form and most up to date Bylaws/Constitution by August 30, 2020 to Caitlin Hayles, Graduate Assistant for Graduate Student Life, at

After submitting your organization’s materials you will be contacted by a staff member in Graduate Student Life to discuss the organization and help provide any additional support that is needed.

Helpful Hint: Don’t be overwhelmed. If you have any questions contact Graduate Student Life for assistance by emailing Caitlin Hayles, Graduate Assistant for Graduate Student Life, at You may also use our collection of resources for Graduate Student Organizations.