Graduate Student Life

In support of the University of San Diego’s Mission Statement, Graduate Student Life at the University of San Diego aims to foster Community Building, Communication, and Advocacy.

Based out of the Graduate & Law Student Commons (SLP 401), Grad Life offers services and amenities to support our Grad/Law community. Learn about important updates or upcoming events for USD Grad/Law students.

Explore the Grad Life website to learn more about the services, resources, and programs we provide! If you are looking to get invovled with the graduate student community, check out the Graduate Student Council, the governing body for graduate students that fosters community and advocates for graduate students.

During this uncertain time, Grad Life is still fully operational. We are hosting programs virtually using Zoom and continue to provide services and resources to our current and incoming students. If you would like to get in touch with a Grad Life team member, feel free to contact us.

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Facebook: USD Grad Life or USD Grad Law Off-campus Housing 
Instagram: @USDGradLife

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