Begin quote “I am currently in the process of relocating from my hometown of San Diego, CA to my new home, Dallas, TX. Once there, I hope to pursue a career in manufacturing or sales engineering and am excited to put all the skills that USD helped me cultivate to good use.”  – Molly McGarvey, 2018-2019 David Malicky Scholarship Recipient

Read An Update From Alec Aguilera

"Hello everyone,

I recently graduated with my BS/BA degree in Mechanical Engineering from USD in May of 2019. With that, my life has been quite active since then. I am currently working in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at USD as a student worker, which involves giving campus tours, assisting prospective families and students at the front desk and over the phones, and revamping the Torero Tour Guide program for the fall through a series of projects. This position has been a blessing, since I am able to ease my transition out of USD alongside other graduates, while giving me the freedom to prepare for my upcoming adventures that begin at the end of the summer.

Starting in September of 2019, my fianceé and I will be moving to London as she attends the Royal Veterinary College. This program is 4 years long and will provide us with ample time to enjoy living in a vibrant and global city. I have always dreamed of moving outside of the United States, and I am also excited to begin a new chapter of my life with the woman I love. I am also looking forward to beginning my engineering career in the United Kingdom. Although I have not secured a position yet, I am excited each day as I look through the numerous job postings in and around London. 

In the near future I hope to begin my career in mechanical design. I absolutely love solid modeling and shaping the customer’s ideas to create a 3D model that makes their dreams a tangible reality. I want to be at the forefront of the design process where I can iterate a part multiple times to help discover the best solution to the problem at hand. I am also interested project management. I have always dreamed that my career in engineering would incorporate my passion for leadership and would allow me to interact with my fellow engineers regularly. 

 As an extrovert and a conversationalist, my dream position is one in which I have the opportunity to interact with the client and with my teammates on a daily basis and externally process with them. I want to be on site to develop an accurate understanding of the project,  and then take a step back and utilize the strengths of my team to best approach a solution. I also dream that my career is rooted in something humanitarian or that has a positive impact on underserved communities. My senior design project exposed me to the to the privileged of working with a community in the Dominican Republic to create a product that would take their unused agricultural waste and enable them to create sustainable housing material. I hope that through my passion for change, my human-centered approach to design, and my technical mind, I can be on the forefront of positive social change in whatever industry I have the opportunity to work in."


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