Telefunding Weekly Loveletter

Serena S.

Another Happy Monday reporting from home! I hope you all are staying happy and healthy as we enter this next week of quarantine! Things are weird nowadays but I am definitely excited for things to be back to normal aka us raising hundreds of thousands of dollars each semester. Keep up the good work and stay strong - we WILL get through this!


This week's love letter comes from our very own Serena Stockton. When she's not raising money over the phones, Serena is living her absolute best life while away from Telefunding. Serena... Tell em what it do:








My favorite quarantine food has surprisingly been my morning smoothie that consists of (get your pens and paper out):



-Crunchy almond butter


-Agave Syrup

-Chocolate Protein Powder

-A TON of oat milk

I'm kind of a mess and currently binging three shows at the moment which consists of Schitt's Creek, Vampire Diaries, and re-watching Glee for like the 236877654th time (don't judge). Once I finish Glee and Vampire Diaries, I think I'm going to start watching Arrow, The Stranger, and Dexter!!! :o


My new hobbies consists of reading for fun, walking the dawgs, and shockingly working out lol. I've always wanted to learn the guitar so maybe this is the perfect chance to do so!


What I'm looking forward to the next semester is hopefully living at the beach again and my visual communication class that I've been dying to take for 3 semesters so I'm really looking forward to that :)


  What I miss most about Telefunding is definitely hanging around you guys and raising money for the school!!!  


Here's a quarantine selfie with my dad: 




Also, here's a photo that I think everyone deserves to see right now because I laugh about this photo at least 10 times a day... This could also be your next Zoom background... You're welcome. 




Fitness Plug: If you want to take it easy and do little workouts everyday... Chloe Ting has numerous workouts that vary from 11-30 minutes - link below (not a paid advertisement but maybe one day)". 


Instagram: @serena_stocktonnn

Songs of the week: 

  • Jungle - Tash Sultana
  • Downtown - Majical Cloudz
  • Iron & Steel - Quinn XCII
  • ANYTHING on Fine Line Album - Harry Styles

Link for summer bod:



HUGE shoutout to everyone that made last week's zoom highs and lows meeting! It was so great hearing from everyone and getting an update. Keep your eyes on Instagram and your emails for the next zoom reunion! Make sure to check your emails weekly and Instagram (@usdtelefunding) for more fun things to come. Much love from the management team and we all hope you're doing well! :)