Stock and Mutual Fund Transfers

Stock transfers may be initiated by a donor or a donor's broker. After completing the transfer, please inform Steven Heath, whose contact information is shown below. Please use the following instructions for electronic transfer of DTC Eligible Book Entry Issues to the University of San Diego:

Depository Trust Company
The Northern Trust Company
Trust Department
(DTC) Participant No. 2669
Reference: 26-46718 University of San Diego
Reference donor's name

Shares of Mutual Funds may also be transferred, but they require the advance assistance of USD. To effect the transfer of Mutual Fund shares, please send the following information to the attention of Steven Heath, whose contact information is shown below.

Mutual Fund Transfers - additional instructions to provide:
Mutual Fund Name
Ticker or CUSIP
Shares or dollar amount to be transferred
Where the Fund is held: (Broker or direct at Fund company)
Contact name at broker or fund company
Account number at broker or fund company
Name of Donor

Important Note: Please contact the following at USD when initiating a stock transfer:

Steven Heath
USD Finance Office
Phone: (619) 260-7594
Fax: (619) 260-4813

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