Alumni Giving

Begin quote I give to USD because they have given me so much, both as a student and as an alumnus. Now, I want to give the next generation of Toreros the same USD experience that I had. – Chad Fleischer '09 Y.A.N. Executive Committee Chair

When we say every gift counts, we mean every gift counts! The combined impact of alumni giving is great, but your gift, of any amount, makes a difference for an individual student.

Additionally, combined alumni giving provides much-needed scholarships. We continue to grow the Alumni Endowed Scholarship Fund so that, one day soon, no deserving student will have to turn to a second-choice school because of financial need.

Your annual gift also helps USD maintain and improve its national ranking among peer schools, increasing the value of every USD degree.

Thank you for your continued support!

By making a gift, of any amount, you are changing the lives of Toreros everywhere - past, present, and future. Make a gift today and help us improve our national ranking!

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The generosity of our alumni — our True Blue Toreros — directly impacts our students and helps provide them with a dynamic learning environment.

Every gift counts! No matter the amount, it's your participation that's important! Over the last five years, alumni raised over $1,000,000 for the alumni endowed scholarships. 90% of the gifts were $250 or less!

Alumni giving boosts USD's national ranking (and the value of your degree!) Rankings agencies like U.S. News & World Report use the percentage of alumni who give back as their indicator of alumni satisfaction. Your gift helped boost USD's rankings into the top 100!

Who leads the West Coast Conference (WCC)? Our student-athletes have won five straight WCC Commissioner's Cups for our winning ways on the field, but we are sixth in the conference when it comes to alumni giving. We can do better!

Let's give Diego something to cheer about! Make your gift supporting USD today! Your gift, of any amount, counts as participation and will help Diego reach his goal!

You shared in building this place.

We are proud to call you a USD alumni. You are a part of an exclusive heritage that has seen dramatic growth over the past few decades. Your contribution to our growth is a reason for pride. You walked this campus and participated in our culture, teaching and sports. You, above all, deserve our praise and admiration for adding to our legacy.

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Every contribution to USD is viewed as important. Whether it is great or small, donations like yours help build our Torero future.

Alumni Participation

What is alumni participation? Why is it important?
  • The term alumni participation when used in higher education specifically means the percentage of alumni that make an annual financial gift to their alma mater.
  • Since alumni participation rate is universally regarded as the best way to measure alumni satisfaction with their alma mater, it is one of the key metrics used to determine national rankings and the financial support received from foundations.
  • These institutions do not look at the dollar amount of alumni gifts, just the percentage of alumni that give at any level. A gift of $25 is just as important as a gift of $2,500 when it comes to alumni participation.
  • Although national rankings and international recognition increases the value of USD degrees, the bottom line is that alumni gifts sustain the University of San Diego. Collectively, thousands of individual gifts enable us to provide much-needed scholarships, services, programs and facilities for our current students.

Alumni Scholarships

For over six decades, USD has made its students and their ability to continue their education our main priority. Close to 50 percent of financial aid funding is made available through private support, including that from our supportive and benevolent alumni.

Popular perception is that it takes a significant donation to make a difference — but that’s simply not the case. The majority of funds raised from alumni scholarships, which enabled so many Toreros to return to campus this fall, were made up of individual gifts of $50 to $100. It’s amazing what a difference the generosity of many makes.

For most USD undergraduates, the ability to cover costs simply would not be possible were it not for financial aid packages. Given the fact that the total annual estimated cost for a full-time undergraduate to attend USD is about $48,000, scholarships are a critical component to the university’s recruitment of qualified and deserving students.

Every gift matters and is greatly appreciated. We encourage you to learn more about USD scholarship programs. Please visit the Alumni Association's Scholarship Programs site or click on the various alumni scholarships to the right.