Appeal Code Request Form

Please keep in mind that whenever you send out any kind of solicitation (emails with a giving link, postcard, letter, event, phone room calling, etc.), we would like to have an appeal code associated. Appeal codes help tell all of us why someone has made a gift, and an appeal code can also let you know when someone has responded to a particular solicitation. Reports are available in Advance so that you can see the success of your solicitations and events, and the data associated with the gifts that came in. Please be sure to follow the guidelines and fill in as much of the requested information as possible. Please let Evan Johnson (x4724) know if you have any questions regarding the form.

Please contact the Office of Annual Giving at any time if you are ever uncertain as to whether or not you should be attaching an appeal code to your solicitation or event. We are also here if you need assistance with reporting regarding your appeal codes. Thank you.