Prints at USD

The print program at USD has gained an international reputation for exhibitions and collections.  Launched with gifts of important work by Rembrandt van Rijn, Francisco de Goya, and Jacques Callot, the teaching possibilities of this collection are already significant. For the past five years, we have been eager to add works by leading Native American printmakers to both of these collections. Some of these works were acquired using acquisition funds specific to the print collection, while others have been added to the May Collection, either through donation or occasionally by purchase.  Because our strategic plan includes the idea of synergies across collections, the presence of new works by Jaune Quick-to-See Smith (Salish and Kootenai), Marie Watt (Seneca), and Diego Romero (Cochiti), to name just a few, represents the influence these two collections have on each other.


Marie Watt, Seneca, born 1967
Special Intention, 2001 
Ink and watercolor drawing on paper
Sheet: 6 ½ x 6 in. (16.5 x 15.2 cm)
Anonymous Gift (A2016-4-1)

Marie Watt, Seneca, born 1967 
Seven Sisters (shadow plaid), 2019
Reclaimed wool blanket and embroidery floss
12 ½ x 10 ¾ in. (31.8 x 27.3 cm)
Purchased with funds from the David W. May Endowment (2019-3-1)

Scraps of blue dyed blanket sewed together to form a pattern Marie Watt; Image and copyright courtesy of the artist
Collage of hand drawn designs, photographs, and newspaper clippings Jaune Quick-to-see Smith; Image copyright of the artist and Garth Greenan Gallery

Jaune Quick-to-see Smith, Salish | Kootenai, born 1940
An American Breakthrough, 2007
20 ½ x 13 ½ in. (52.1 × 34.3 cm)
Purchased through the John A. Petersen Print Acquisition Fund (PC2016.04.01)

Diego Romero, Keres | Cochiti, born 1964
Pueb Fiction, 2020
19 1/2 x 16 1/2 in. (49.5 x 41.9 cm) 
Purchased through the John A. Petersen Print Acquisition Fund (PC2020.07)
(Illustrated on Introductory page)