Chicano Park Day Posters: A Personal Reflection

Chicano Park at 50 - "Renewal and self determination through poster art"



IV. Aqui estamos y No nos Vamos

Being part of this dynamic and inspirational community has been a tremendous honor for me, I have grown closer to my community in ways I never even could conceive of in my early years, to add on to that in 2015 I was invited to assist and paint on one of the pillars with Patricia Aguayo, Jasmine Garcia, Alejandro Meraz, and Eric De La Rosa. On the southeast end of the park you can see our mural of the President of the Chicano Park Steering Committee, Tommie Camarillo. In the mural, Tommie is standing on a stone carved platform looking across towards the children’s playground, and if you look closely, you can see the reflection of the playground in Tommie’s sunglasses; a lil’ extra thrown in. The following year, that mural of Tommie Camarillo was selected to be on the poster for 2016. To say that contributing to these efforts has been a dream come true would be putting it lightly. It has been life changing for me to sit in the same room and share space with these leaders, elders, healers and pathfinders. It is because of them that I write this statement today, each and every one of the youths and next generations owe it to them to continue to fight the good fight. To keep the Cultura and traditions alive. To keep that fire within all of us burning bright and our loud cries heard from across the globe. Aqui estamos y No nos Vamos.

Cesar Castañeda

The curator, Cesar, painting his mural in Chicano Park Cesar Castañeda (left) working with Patricia Aguayo, Jasmine Garcia, Alejandro Meraz, and Eric De La Rosa on their mural in Chicano Park
2016 Chicano Park Day Poster featuring Cesar's mural - "46th Chicano Park Day Celebration" 46th Anniversary Chicano Park Day, 2016, digital print