Chicano Park Day Posters: A Personal Reflection

Chicano Park at 50: Renewal and Self Determination Through Poster Art



I. Powerful and Positive Outcomes

Event posters serve as announcements to inform the masses of the date, time and place of gatherings in many communities of the world. For 50 years we have been celebrating a monumental stage in our Chicano History, the taking of the land under the Coronado Bridge in Logan Heights by the people and community that believed we deserved our park, our sacred space. For 50 years there have been posters to announce this magnificent triumph and celebration of the community of Logan Heights. As the years passed by the posters took on a meaning of their own. Each and every poster tells a story and incorporates the significant current events of what is happening in that particular year of celebration with a theme; the vision of the artist that creates the image for that year of celebration and the overall story of what happened in 1970 in that land we now call Chicano Park. Each poster conveys a message that we will continue to fight in this battle that has been placed upon us from generation to generation. In 2010 you can see that message in Sal Barajas's poster written on the cake, that message screams,

“Aqui estamos y No nos Vamos!” (We are here, and We are not leaving)

referring to the many times the neighborhood of Logan Heights has been attacked, divided, neglected and threatened. These important messages that have been painted on the pillars and engraved in our hearts and minds are a testament that if the community unites and mobilizes itself, there are no limits to a powerful and positive outcome.



Chicano Park Day Poster from 1977--members of the community raise a flag in the park. Victor Ochoa, 7th Anniversary Chicano Park Day, 1977
Chicano Park Day poster of a multi-tiered caked. Sal Barajas, 40th Anniversary Chicano Park Day, 2010, digital print