Art & Identity

Exhibition Title "Art and Identity" overlaid on detail of a Helen Zughaib print

Image: Helen Zughaib, detail of Eye of the Beholder (from Changing Perceptions), 2015.

What defines who we are? Race? Ethnicity? Gender? Sexuality? Class? Religion? Are these categories fluid or fixed? Singular or plural? These questions animate Art and Identity, an online display of contemporary fine art prints curated by Spring 2020 Print Room intern, Zoe Morales Martinez (’21).

In recent decades artists such as Salomón Huerta, Kerry James Marshall, and Helen Zughaib have explored the metaphorical "mirrors" (social, political, cultural, or personal) that reflect our identities. Highlighting works by these artists and others from USD’s growing collection of fine art prints, Art and Identity considers the multiple, intersecting forces that make up who we are, how we are seen, and how we represent ourselves.

Art and Identity furthers the University Galleries’ commitment to strengthening diversity, inclusion, and social justice (outlined in our 2019-2024 Strategic Plan) through its programming. We are grateful to Zoe for advancing our commitment to these goals through her curatorial acumen, and for enhancing accessibility to the collection through dual English and Spanish labels. 



Use the links above to view the online exhibition.